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When Rich Stevanus co-founded VanDel Construction, he made a promise to himself and his employees. "Everyone goes home safe and healthy every night."

Richard Stevanus

The promise of safety is one of the founding principles of VanDel Construction.

Construction workers and vehicles

Our management team is committed to continuous improvement measures aimed at ensuring the highest degree of safety.  It is our mandate that our employees are always in a safe environment through ongoing training and awareness. Our efforts exceed the measures required by the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, its regulations and similar mandated requirements. To fulfill the requirements of the policy, an organized and effective safety program is carried out at each project location. 

Interior under construction

To ensure safety is never compromised, VanDel Construction has employed AEC Safety Solutions since 2004 to manage its complete Health and Safety program. 

Each job site has a standard safety board and an orientation program that requires every worker on the project including all trades to receive site specific orientation.


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“They look for ways to find savings. They look for ways to deal with site conditions. I feel like it's a partnership…The bottom line is you want to sleep easier and know that they are in your corner, you want VanDel.”

John Woods

Chief Executive Officer of MTCO Holdings

At VanDel, we know that incidents can be prevented through training, planning and cooperative effort. Injury prevention, avoiding unnecessary hazards, limiting production time loss and damage to equipment are all the result of dedicated effort. These increase VanDel’s project success and improve our competitive position. They are founded on the following safety axioms:

  • All incidents resulting in injuries or property damage can be prevented.
  • We all share the responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and to work safely.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment. Every contractor, worker, supplier and visitor must comply with the project’s safety plan. They must also follow the procedures of their employer and exercise good judgment in each assignment.
  • The safety and health of fellow workers, the community and the environment is the responsibility of every worker and contractor.
  • Meeting the intent of the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires us to exceed the requirements set out in all pertinent regulations, codes and standards.
  • VanDel’s Health and Safety Manual is an integral part of company operations.
  • In keeping with these beliefs, we expect all persons associated with this project to comply with the intent of the policy, so that we may continually strive to-wards industry-wide recognition as one of the best-run and safest construction companies in Canada.

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