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"From the very beginning, our family built the business on a good working relationship with every customer, every step along the way. That’s the only way to provide the best value for our customers."

Richard Stevanus, Founder

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Rich Stevanus along with his original business partner, knew the building a company with a collaborative culture and a strong moral compass would allow them to stand apart in the construction industry. would give their employees a sense of pride in their work and would attract quality projects and partners. From the very beginning, their focus was to provide employees and customers with a better building experience. 



Almost 10 years later, Rich and wife Dianne became the sole owners of VanDel Construction. Together, they grew the business and developed a reputation for excellence, fairness and honesty in construction management projects as well as the industry. 



Rich and Dianne’s three sons, Bryan, Don and Tim, came on board to support the family business and help it continue to grow. Equipped with their parent's guiding principles of an impeccable work ethic, the Stevanus men continued to upkeep the reputation that Rich and Dianne of exceeding their customers' expectations at every step of the project.  



VanDel Construction has outgrown the family business model, we continue to operate on the same rooted principles and culture of fairness, honesty, trust and excellence. Today, we have more than 75 employees that operate out of our 19, 000 sf ft. facility in Bloomingdale, ON. We are Ontario's premier construction management builder specializing in institutional, commercial, industrial (ICI) and high-end residential projects. 

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We pride ourselves on being the kind of company where individuals roll up their sleeves and get to work where they are needed - and we do so gladly and proudly. Our values are rooted in teamwork, transparency and fairness, and they have been our guiding compass since 1974. 

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Each and every one of our customers is our partner. This means that we work together to ensure that the project meets and exceeds their expectations from the beginning to end.we value transparency, collaboration and fairness. These are the qualities you can expect when working with our team. 



We have created a working culture that empowers employees to be collaborative, reach out for more and thrive in their roles. We operate on a collaborative, team-based approach that respects the knowledge, expertise and integrity of all out employees. We make it a priority to equip our employees with quality tools that support their ongoing education and skills. Because of this., our team members have vast experience in modern contraction management methodologies and can complete a project successfully, on time and on budget. 

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“We made a decision to work exclusively with VanDel. That decision does not come lightly...there are a lot of builders out there, VanDel becomes your partner. The culture that Rich began and continues to attract quality people.”

John Woods

Chief Executive Officer of MTCO Holdings