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VanDel Construction operates on a collaborative team-based approach that respects the knowledge, expertise and integrity of all our employees. We consistently outfit our employees with quality tools and vehicles and support their continual upgrading of skills to take advantage of technology and innovation to improve project outcomes.



Photo of Don Stevanus

Don Stevanus

President & CEO

e: don@vandel.ca

Michael Harris 

Vice President Corporate Development 

e: michael@vandel.ca 

Photo of Dave Kittel

Dave Kittel

Vice President Operations & General Manager

e: dave@vandel.ca

Photo of Joan Hoffer-Darling

Joan Hoffer-Darling


e: joan@vandel.ca

Photo of Jeff Almond

Jeff Almond

Vice President Construction

e: jeffa@vandel.ca



Photo of Erin Dean

Erin Dean

Project Coordinator

e: erin@vandel.ca

Photo of Dave Kalbfleisch

Dave Kalbfleisch

Project Manager

e: davek@vandel.ca

Photo of Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens

Project Manager

e: chris@vandel.ca

Shawn Kroeplin

Project Manager

e: shawn@vandel.ca

Photo of Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

Project Manager

e: jordan@vandel.ca

Photo of Chris Rosenow

Chris Rosenow

Senior Accounting Analyst

e: chrisr@vandel.ca

Photo of Agnes Kovacs

Agnes Kovacs

Accounting Analyst

e: agnes@vandel.ca

Photo of Chip Seiling

Chip Seiling

Project Manager

e: chip@vandel.ca

Photo of Danny O’Kelly

Danny O’Kelly

Project Manager

e: danny@vandel.ca

Photo of Dave Edgar

Dave Edgar

Project Manager

e: davee@vandel.ca

Brianna Brown

Project Coordinator

e: brianna@vandel.ca

Photo of Josie Kaufman

Josie Cameron

Office Administrator

e: josie@vandel.ca

Photo of Brianna Stevanus      

   Brianna Stevanus

Accounting Analyst

e: briannas@vandel.ca


   Richard Nielsen

Project Manager 

e: richard@vandel.ca